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Program example of employing PCF8574A extender for controlling

Hex keyboard. Program has been written for AT90S2313/Attiny2313 Evaluation kit.

Hex keyboard with PCF8574A expander

Simulator monitor allows leading hardware simulation. Very handy

solution when you’re testing written program.

Simulator Monitor

Simple program example demonstrating how to read, write and convert data from 1-wire interface. In example used only one DS18B20 thermometer.

1 wire thermometer based on DS18B20 transducer

Very useful program for diagnosing 1-wire interface. On 16*1 LCD are display amount of detected 1-wire devices and their response 8 bytes unique id numbers.

1 wire search

Example of controlling PCF8593 in digital to analog converting mode. Converting data are send from computer to microcontroller through UART.

PCF8593 - I2C digital to analog converter

Example of controlling PCF8593 in analog to digital converting mode. Four analog signals are converting to digital format. Data is display on LCD and terminal. Employed hardware UART.

PCF8593 - I2C 4 channels analog to digital converter

PWM 8 bits mode — phase correct for controlling LED light intensify. Two:  Up and down switches for adjusting light level. Portb.3 as an output. Program can be also utilized everywhere where is required power control.  

Controlling LED light intensify— PWM mode

24 hours clock based on 16bits timer1. Time is set up by means of two push buttons (separate minutes and hours). Display on 16*1 LCD

24 hours clock based on timer1

Controlling 5 phase steeper motor in both directions. Employed dual bridge driver L298 and Attiny2313 microcontroller. 

5 phase, 5 leads stepper motor controller


Lets make projects better

Bascom Examples

This simple example demonstrates how control RGB diode in PWM mode.  Diode’s  pins:  R, G, B are connected in order to OC0A, OC1A and OC1B pins of ATtiny microcontroller. In that way can be generated 32bit colors in gray scale. 

On this page you can download source code examples for Bascom-AVR. All  information about configuration microcontroller and his peripheries is available in the header of source file. Most of examples were written for Evaluation board see section Projects,  others as independent projects.

In order to download certain program click on icon beside the program description.

Attiny2313 as a PWM-RGB LED Driver



Program demonstrate how to read and convert temperature from 2 DS1822 transducers connected to the same 1 wire port. Used match H55 option to address dedicated 1-wire slave by 64-bits lasered serial number.

1-wire thermometer with two DS1822 transducers

Program demonstrates SDP610 digital differential pressure sensor operation. Pressure range -/+500Pa.

SDP610 I2C digital differential pressure sensor from Sensirion

Demo example of reading temperature compensated humidity and temperature from SHT11 sensor. This example was tested on AT90S8515 microcontroller but can be easy implemented in other Atmel microcontroller with EEPROM above 2k

SHT11 digital humidity  sensor from Sensirion

Demo example of simple metrologic station. Two points temperature measurement. (DS1822 and SHT11). Single point real humidity measurement SHT11. Data presented on Dot matrix LCD. Program implemented in AT90S8515 microcontroller.

Simple metrologic station